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June 1, 2000



To Whom It May Concern:


Iím writing this letter to attest that Mr. Chengcheng Wu, as both a lecturer and librarian, worked full time at the Chinese Department and the College Library Chinese Collection at the Shanghai Customs College, Shanghai, China for eight years from November 1982 to August 1990.††


I have been a professor at the same Chinese Department of the college in which Mr. Wu was working.Currently, as Dean of Educational and Academic Affair at this college, Iím still teaching at the Chinese Department.


As a lecturer and librarian, Mr. Wu had taught a number of courses such as Literature Research & Library Research, Modern Chinese literature, World Literature, and also taught various library instruction programs, including various subject integrated library instruction to college students at this college.He was also a liaison librarian between the College General Library and the College Library Chinese Collection.


Moreover, Iím writing this letter to testify that, in the fall of 1987, Mr. Wu was awarded the Excellence Prize for his outstanding achievements in teaching and research.


The Excellence Prize is honored to a very limited number of the most preeminent teachers and original researchers in our college.The Excellence Prize is given by the Shanghai Customs College Academic Board, and it requires nomination by others, wide elections, and strict review from an awards committee.Every year some 90 candidates apply for the prize; however, only three (3) are awarded such coveted prize.To be honored with the Excellence Prize is a pivotal point in a teacherís and a researcherís career, for it is an indication of an educational and academic leadership position and an excellent example for all other teachers and researchers in the college.


Mr. Wu is a recipient of the Excellence Prize because both his teaching and research contributions have demonstrated to be the most significant and consequential for literary research and teaching, library research, and information studies.Mr. Wu has demonstrated throughout his career to be both an extraordinarily pioneering researcher and a true talented teacher.He is truly meritorious of the Excellence Prize.


Sincerely yours,



Rongfang Yin, Professor

Dean of Educational and Academic Affair

Shanghai Customs College

655 Yusun Highway

Shanghai, 201204

The Peopleís Republic of China


Phone Number:

86-21-5843-9977 (Office)

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