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Writer and Editor: Leiwen Wu
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Computer Chips Reach 1000 MHz  (1 GHz) Mark

Computer history was made on March 6th and 8th of this year as the first  1000 MHz or 1 gigahertz processors were introduced by both AMD and Intel. The 1 Ghz processor is capable of executing one billion clock cycles per second.
AMD made the announcement first on March 6th that it had made the 1 GHz processor because it was several months ahead of schedule.
Intel had quickly regrouped upon hearing AMD's plans. The company was preparing to launch its 850 and 866 MHz Pentium III chips when the news reached Intel. Two days after the launch of AMD Athlon Processor at 1 GHz, Intel released its Pentium III Processor at 1 GHz on March 8th.
For years , Intel had dominated

Pricing and Availability
Intel's 1 GHz processors will be priced at $990 in 1,000 unit quantities and is available now in limited quantities. Only the major computer companies, Dell, IBM, and HP will have these PIII 1 GHz computers in stock.
AMD is shipping its 1 GHz computers in volume quantities, but with a higher price of $1,299 each. Most computer companies will carry the Athlon 1 GHz chip, such as Gateway and Compaq which are its two major partners. In addition to the 1 GHz Athlon, AMD also launched Athlons operating at 900 MHz and 950 MHz, priced at $899 and $999, respectively, in volume.
Performance and Features

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Government Wants Judge to Break Up Microsoft

WASHINGTON D.C.- The U.S. Government proposed a plan to break up Microsoft Corporation in two to stop the monopoly power in the antitrust case on Friday, April 25 of this year.
This breakup is the harshest antitrust penalty proposed by

the government in two decades.
The government Justice Department and 17 states submitted their 17 page proposal to the federal judge, Judge Penfield Jackson on Tuesday. The anti- trust case is one of the biggest cases in U.S. History.

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