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Writer and Editor: Leiwen Wu
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Email Virus 'ILOVEYOU'  Spreads  Around World

THE WHOLE WORLD- A computer virus or worm, with the name "ILOVEYOU" has spread around the world, damaging computers, since Thursday of last week.
The virus is an attachment to an email address titled with "ILOVEYOU". The virus is written in Visual Basic and the file type in .vbs. The code shows that the virus corrupts MP3 and JPEG files on the users' hard drive as well as the Internet Relay Chat program mIRC. It also tries to reset the start page for Internet Explorer.
It has been found that the virus started in the Philippines. A man was arrested there yesterday but released because lack of evidence. His name is Reonel Ramones. His girl  friend is planning to turn herself in and she is

also suspected of the crime.
Authorities found computer magazines and cut telephone wires but no computers at the man's house.
The virus alert has shut down many institutions and companies including the CIA, Ford Motor, Britain's Parliament, and Merrill Lynch.
The virus has spread quickly because of the way it spreads. It sends itself to everyone in your Outlook address book, instead of a limit of 50 like the Melissa Virus. The antivirus companies have posted updated DAT files to find the bug. Microsoft has how to fix some of the virus' damage on its website.
This attack has made people more

aware of virus problems and better tools will be made to fight new viruses.
The virus is said to have caused $5 billion in damages.
The name of the attachment is "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs."

Microsoft's New Millennium Edition (ME)

The new version of Microsoft's Windows OS for consumers is the Windows ME or Millennium Edition. It will replace Windows 98 SE when it comes. It is still under development but the third beta prerelease has just come out.
The new Windows ME's interface looks a lot like the current Windows 98. But inside the operating system, Microsoft has made some architectural changes and added some digital media features.
The most stable operating system is the Windows 2000 which is a upgrade to Windows NT. Both of these operating systems are for businesses and institutions, not for home users. Windows ME will definitely be

not as stable as Windows 2000 but it will have less crashes than Windows 98. Windows ME is based on the Windows 95/98 core, not the NT kernel. Instead of making it a lot more stable, Microsoft has focused on making it easier to use and recover from problems. New features in Windows ME include a way to restore an old configuration, new protection for system files, faster startup, and better hibernate/resume features. It is not known how successful this version will be with the new features. Also, the new OS will work with Windows 98 drivers and applications, so upgrading will be easy. The new home networking and Internet connection features will make sharing an internet connection much

Included with Windows ME is IE 5.5, still in beta testing right  now. The new browser will have better development features and print preview features. Also, IE is integrated into more applications like how MSN Messenger is integrated with Outlook Express.
The new media features includes support for digital imaging and movies. There's compression technology that makes importing and managing digital videos a lot easier. Also included is a new movie maker which lets make your own movies, and new APIs making games and videos look better. The updated Windows Media Player will include many more

features such as MP3 music support and others.
Microsoft has said that Windows ME will be the last OS based on the Windows 95 kernel. All new OS will be based on the Windows NT kernel, making it more stable. Windows ME is due out later this year and the OS after Windows ME will be Whistler OS, which has been found on line because some person put it there secretly. The OS is suppose to be top-secret.