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Creation Model

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Creation Evid
Creation Model
Creation Water
Creation Model
From The Creation Evidence Museum


Our creation model begins, not with the space – time dimension, but with the Creator Himself.  George Ellis, co-author of  The Large Scale Structure of Time Space stated, "The construction of nature points to a purposeful designer".  Can we identify the God of creation? 

We believe we can identify Him both Biblically, and scientifically.

  In studying the man-made religions of the world, ancient creation myths, and pagan deities, there are found common tenets that express the characteristics of their gods.  These include:
Man leaving earth and becoming deity
Plural deities in conflict with each other
Sensuous preoccupation
Creation by naturalistic means
Exploration of the creation by the gods
Sacrifice by murder

Only one creation concept is unique in not sharing these characteristics, and that is the story of creation as told in the Holy Bible.  The God of the Bible is the only God that satisfies men's own observation of what life teaches them.  Knowledge shows that the "First Cause of Creation" or "The Creator"



Limitless space
Ending time
Perpetual motion
Infinite complexity
Ethical values
System of Justice


Infinite in His nature
Eternal in His duration
Omnipotent in power
Omniscient in intelligence


Reference: Morris, Henry. 1985. Many Infallible Proofs (Master Books, El Cajon, CA) p.103

The great philosophic questions of life that have been asked by all cultures are as follows:

Who Am I?
Where Did I Come From?
What Is My Purpose Here?
 Where Am I Going?


These can be addressed by the study of the "First Cause of creation"-The Creator Himself.  Is it possible that the Creator originally designed the earth to benefit the one He would ultimately create on the final sixth day of the literal week of creation?  We say yes, it is possible.  This one - MAN – would be created in the image of his Creator, to fulfill His purpose, and to be in charge of the creation.  This original creation with its protective firmamental canopy, supporting internal infrastructure, and myriad life forms would be an environment in which man could flourish.

Protective Firmamental Canopy
Receiving the short wave energy from stellar bodies
Amplifying the mid-spectral light
Filtering out harmful ultraviolet radiation
Causing increased atmospheric pressure
Causing increased oxygen ratio

Supporting Internal Infrastructure
Core keeping the electromagnetic field oriented
Radioactive elements giving off nuclear radiation and thermal energy
Band of asphalt hydrocarbons moderating and sustaining the                         constant temperature of the energy
Great waters transporting that energy through aqueducts to the earth's surface

Myriad Life Forms
Plants:  Fruit on the vine and seed in the fruit
Animals:  All creatures, including dinosaurs, coexisting with man
Man: Superior intelligence – immediate youth and functional maturity

We find the Creator – the "First Cause of creation" described in Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God…"

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