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Creation Water

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Creation Water

Creation Model (Part II - Water)
From The Creation Evidence Museum

In the beginning God created the heavens (space-time dimension) and the earth.  And the earth was without form and void.  When first created, the earth was simply a mass of water.  By calling it earth, the inference is that the Creator had futuristic intentions with design and purpose.  Beginning with water, we have the basic elements of earth's reactions, and the essential ingredient of life's processes.  In water you have the integration of hydrogen and oxygen.  The problem of transmutation of elements is solved with water.  Between elements no. 6 and elements no. 7 on the periodic chart there cannot be a transmutation.  By creating elements no. 1 and no. 8 first, there is the futuristic possibility for the energy and elements to be transmutated to whatever the Creator would like to create in His design and purpose.


 The earth was void and without form there was just water.  It did not have a surface form.   That would be created on day three of creation.  On day one of creation the Spirit of God would move on the watery mass and thus generate a sphere.  Current thoughts on the physical sciences indicate with a small structure of the earth and with lines of space being curved, you actually have an integration of phenomena time, space, and energy.  In the creation model, there is the space/time dimension, called the heavens (plural) and a sphere of water.  That is plausible according to our current understanding of the physical sciences.

When the spirit of God moved over the body of water, energy was expressed for a specific purpose.

 The water molecule, H2O, is a unique combination of elements, which include:

- A negative and positive pole

- A charge

- Its own tiny electromagnetic field

- In random tendency

- Be solid, liquid, or gas


By adding energy and specific motion to a watery mass, it takes on a spherical shape.  The water molecules align, and a global electromagnetic field is formed.   There is super charged water in the lines of electromagnetic energy.  At the surface where the greatest concentration of energy is located, normal electrolysis would occur, breaking the H2O bond and allowing for free hydrogen and free oxygen.  (Electromagnetic energy around bodies of water produces free hydrogen.)  The moving of the Spirit of God would have caused free hydrogen, free oxygen, and an electromagnetic field.

This first day of creation is a literal solar day, yet it accounts for the deep penetration of matter and energy into space, the interpretation of vast amounts of light years in space, and the arrival of information in light waves sent back to earth.  The entire creation took place about 6000 years ago.  (More information on the space/time dimension and "what is a day" in further lessons)

In the space/time dimension we recognize that throughout the universe there is a trinity.  In space you have height, length, and width.  In time you have past, present, and future.  In matter you have energy, motion, and phenomena.  Yet, the cosmos is intrastructured.

God said, "Let there be light".  Although we disagree with the old age timeline even evolutionary astrophysicists state that, "all physical phenomena could have come from light".    UCLA laboratory experiments have demonstrated that under certain conditions, light is formed when sound is broadcast through water.  God would stretch out the heavens during the first week of creation and again during the time of Noah's Flood.  The earth was still experiencing six literal solar days.



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