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Creationism is the idea that a Creator, God, created life according to its kind (as in the Bible), and life has evolved and changed but not enough to create new species.

God created Earth and everything in it (including life) in a six-day period around 4,000 or 8,000 B.C.

1st day – Monday – Morning and evening

2nd day – Tuesday – Sky

 3rd day – Wednesday – Land, seas, and vegetation according to its kind

4th day – Thursday – Sun, moon, and stars

5th day – Friday – Sea and sky animals, each according to its kind

6th day – Saturday – Land animals and man, each according to its kind

7th day – Sunday – Rest

Each organism is created according to its kind by God. Variations can exist within a kind. Humans produce humans, cows produce cows is an example of how each is created according to its kind.

Mutation and natural selection could not by themselves have brought all living things from a single organism. Neither can create information out of nothing or pure randomness (evolution). Organisms can only have the same information or lose it, not gain it. On the other hand, evolutionists believe that organisms gain more and more information (complexity) in mutation and natural selection

Gaps in fossil records also support Creation. Animals appear abruptly and there are no clear links.

Noah’s Flood is used to explain the fossil record. Quick fossilization in Catastrophism would create fossils. The Global flood could made fossils by catastrophic processes. This accounts for fossil records in geology and there are evidence of a global flood.

Other evidence

1.      Birds are specialized

a.       Wings and lungs not from reptiles

b.      Created especially for its purpose

c.       Advanced and could not have evolved

2.      DNA are composed of same building blocks in all organisms

a.       Evolutionists say from same ancestor

b.      Creationists – same special Creator – designed using same building blocks for efficiency

3.      Complexity of living organisms

a.       Designer

b.      In SETI, complex radio signals = designer

c.       Complex organisms = designer

4.      Problems with Big Bang and Chaos Theories

5.      Problems with dating methods

a.       Radiometric dating

b.      Radioactive dating

c.       Radiocarbon dating

d.      Unstable and incorrect each time

e.       90% of dating methods indicate far younger Earth

Although evolution (the theory) is said to be accepted by most scientists, there are many problems and gaps with the theory (even evolutionists admit it), and many scientists are not evolutionists (creationists or not)

C.S. Lewis – If the existence of life is an accident, then the evolution of man was also an accident, and everything that we have achieved are accidents, and our thoughts are accidental byproducts of the movement of atoms. Meaning why should we believe these accidental accounts of accidents?

Albert Einstein – “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”


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