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There are many chicken and the egg paradoxes involved in the origin of life. One of them is which came first, protein or the cell. Cells Make protein, but proteins are the building blocks of cells. Another is whether  DNA/RNA or proteins came first. DNA/RNA code for proteins, but in order to make DNA/RNA (and proteins), you need enzyme (= proteins).

There have been evidence that there was a African Eve / Mitochondrial Eve. Because of similarities of DNA of mitochondria of all humans, which is inherited through mother, humans all came from a single human female.

The implications of all these theories/beliefs are: 

There is a God who is the Devine Creator


Life is inevitable and other planets contain life (determinism)

a.       Mind is matter

b.      Matter is widespread

c.       Life is widespread (in universe)

d.      Life is inevitable

e.       Not random


Life on Earth was an accident and life exists nowhere else

a.       Life is an accident

b.      Happen by freakish chance

c.       Only Earth has life

d.      We are alone

e.   Random


The origin of life is the key to the meaning of life and who we are.


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