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Selfish RNA
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Selfish RNA Theory

DNA Strands

“Selfish” RNA theory suggests life could have started as RNA molecules, because of RNA’s various abilities, which existed only to reproduce and evolve.

One of the reasons scientists came up with this theory is that DNA only store information and is stronger and more evolved than RNA. RNA's job is to pass information and catalyze.

The first RNAs are suppose to be short sequence of nucleotide bases that performed many actions and jobs. They reproduced for survival at a fast pace. Bacterium can reproduce in 20 minutes and RNA probably reproduced in seconds.

This theory emphasize reproduction and evolution. RNA got its energy from environment.

The of RNA's catalyst abilities:

1.      DNA → RNA → Proteins (Now)

2.      Proteins → RNA → DNA (Beginning?)

In an experiment, Spiegleman found the RNA’s that multiplied the fastest survived the best, and he also found that RNA can synthesize from building blocks.


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